Mineral & Salt

Bag Mineral

  •  Burgess PPP- Todd developed this mineral several years ago with the help of the late Dr. John Shirley, former Associate Professor of Dairy Science, Kansas State University. The ingredients in Burgess PPP promote the prevention of pinkeye, the regulation of reproductive cycles, and overall health in cattle. Burgess PPP can be fed year round. However, we do have it made with fly control for those who want the added protection. In fly season we normally have 4 options of PPP. Out of fly season, we only have the two without fly control.
  • PPP
  • PPP Fly Control
  • PPP CTC (Requires VFD from your Veterinarian)
  • PPP Fly/CTC (Requires VFD from your Veterinarian)



  • We also carry Hi-Mag Mineral & Range Mineral



  • White Salt – 50lb bag or Block
  • Trace Mineral Salt – 50lb bag or Block