B & B Farm Supply
Gamaliel, KY

On April 29, 2019 we got a phone call around 1:00am that no business owner ever wants to receive. Our beloved store was on fire. Our local fire department responded quickly, but a lot of damage had already occurred. After assessing the condition of the remaining structure, it was concluded that we should demo and rebuild new. It has been and still is very emotional for us at B & B. We know it was an old building, but that building and front porch held many memories. We are still trying to serve our farming community by selling some basic feeds, minerals and products from our warehouse. We have a temporary office set up at the site of the old store, which will also be the site of the new store. Of course, we still have fence posts, gates, and corral panels, and our tire/tractor repair shop is open. Please be patient and check with us on product availability during this time of construction. Thank you for all your continued support!
This s the cleared site where the old store sat. The new store will be a bit larger, but will sit in the same general area. We are getting excited to nail down the details!

We are a family-owned business where small town values meet big farming needs.

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